MONS (When I close my eyes)

Premiered at Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona)

6 April 2013




There's a place in this world where I feel good, my temporary refuge when I need a moment of silence. A fantasy world that helps me compose my thoughts and calm my heart.

There are as many places as people in this world and there are many doors to open. Kids have direct access. For adults, it's often more difficult to find them but when we do, and we step inside, everything is transformed... space and time changes.

We find endless possibilities, discover the answers to all our problems and for a brief moment, we can smile again.


Inspired by the work of the author and illustrator Jimmy Liao, this production is suitable for all ages. It entices us into these intimate universes where we go when things aren't so great. Imaginary worlds where we find security, breathe peacefully and stroll leisurely. A kaleidoscopic world filed with strange magical shapes where everything is possible.





Original idea and direction: Claudia Moreso

Performance: Gema Díaz, Emili Gutiérrez, Joan Palau, Noemí Ventura

Playwriting :Beth Escudé

Music:Mauricio Villavecchia

Video: Esteban Crucci

Staging:  Miquel Ruíz

Lighting: Rafel Roca

Wardrobe : As Meninas

Coordination:Rosa Pino

Distribution: Iva Horvat / Silvia Lorente


Duration: 50 minutes.

Children’s dance-theatre production.


Co-production by Mons Dansa (Nats Nus), Mercat de les Flors and Sadler’s Wells

Company with grants from the Department of Culture and Communication Media of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Ministry for Education, Culture and Sports (INAEM).

Founding member of the Caldera. Member of TTP (Teatre Tots Públics Association), Assitej (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People), Te Veo (Theatre for Children and Young People).