Premiered at Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona) 
22 February 2008 
FETEN 2009 Award for Best Dance Production 
Tari is the name of a strange character: a collector who shows us his special collection, a collection that he has been creating over the years, dedicating his time to watching, feeling and discovering where true happiness lies. 
A collection of simple, uncomplicated moments that pass unnoticed in the eyes of many, but where the most important things in life are hidden. 
“Momentari", an authentic inventory of moments, a journey full of sensations, colours, sounds, images...  

Original idea and direction: Claudia Moreso and Toni Mira 
Creation and performance: Gema Díaz , Emili Gutiérrez , Joan Palau, Noemí Ventura 
Actor: Albert Pérez 
Music: René Aubry, Cristina Villalonga, Nan Mercader 
Staging: Miquel Ruíz 
Wardrobe: Claudia Moreso 
Lighting: Rafel Roca 
Video software programming: David Dalmazzo 
Video filming: Toni Mira 
DistributionI: va Horvat / Silvia Lorente 
Coordination / Production: Rosa Pino 
Duration: 50 minutes. 
Children’s dance-theatre production. 

Company with grants from the Department of Culture and Communication Media of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Ministry for Education, Culture and Sports (INAEM). 
Founding member of the Caldera. Member of TTP (Teatre Tots Públics Association), Assitej (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People), Te Veo (Theatre for Children and Young People).