Four timeless characters, laden down with old suitcases, meet on their journey in an unremarkable space in an unremarkable city. For a while, they become accidental travel companions on a journey where they lose and find themselves, share experiences and communicate as best as they can, each providing their own perspective and manner to everything they discover: sounds, landscapes, languages, smells, tastes... 
Maps is a journey across the maps of the different cultures around the world... 



Original idea and direction:  Claudia Moreso
Creation and performance : Gema Díaz, Emili Gutiérrez, Joan Palau, Noemí Ventura
Music: Cristina Villalonga, Nan Mercader,Cabo San Roque, René Aubry, Terra Folck
Lighting: Rafel Roca
Staging: Miquel Ruíz
Wardrobe:  Elisa Echegaray
Distribution: Iva Horvat / Silvia Lorente

Coordination: Rosa Pino

Duration: 50 minutes.


Children’s dance-theatre production.
Company with grants from the Department of Culture and Communication Media of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Ministry for Education, Culture and Sports (INAEM).
Founding member of the Caldera. Member of TTP (Teatre Tots Públics Association), Assitej (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People), Te Veo (Theatre for Children and Young People).