Since 1998, under the direction of Claudia Moreso, Mons Dansa has created artful dance works for kids using choreography as a channel for communication, expression, amusement and education.


The company has earned many awards, including the 2009 Premio Nacional de Catalunya de Dansa, the FETEN 2009 prize and the 2010 Award from the Association Dansa Cat. In 2006, Mons Dansa launched the educational project “Dansa a les escoles” to introduce contemporary dance to public school students throughout Spain.


Mons Dansa is subsidized by the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona (ICUB), Department of Culture and Media of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (INAEM) and Ramon Llull Institute (IRL). The company is also a founder/member of La Caldera and a member of TTP (Públics Tots Theatre Association), ASSITEJ (Association of Theatre for Children and Youth) and Te Veo (Theatre for children and youth).



"Caixes" (1998)
"Set" (2000)
"Tubs" (2002)
“Fisi-K” (2004)
“Brins” (2006)
“Slot” (2007) street show
“Momentari” (2008)
“Maps” (2009).
“Minimón” (2010)
“Caixes” (2012) 10/06/2012
“Upps!!” (2012)  28/10/2012
“Mons” (2013) 4/04/2013

"Wabi-Sabi" (2015)

"Somnis de paper" (2016)

"Aigua" (2018)



1998: Caixes, best performance at FETEN (European Children's Theatre Festival, Spain)

2009: Momentari, best performance at FETEN (European Children's Theatre Festival, Spain)

2010: Premi Dansacat “Dansa i societat” for the project “Dansa a les escoles” Barcelona, Spain



Somnis de paper

28/02/2020 9:30-11:15-15:15